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[Most Recent Quotes from www.kitco.com]

[Most Recent Quotes from www.kitco.com]

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   Our business is family owned and operated, dedicated to producing the finest, innovative dredge equipment available anywhere in the world. We have a background in mining, manufacturing and quality assurance and continue to make advances in new technologies pertaining to our products. Our workforce consists of skilled craftsmen who continually strive for perfection. These and other factors have caused our products to be recognized worldwide as the finest quality and highest productivity in the light to medium dredge field. Our products retain a high resale value and always command a good price on the used market.


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Shipping policy: Items or machines that require crating, cushioning, and packing will have a charge of 7.5% to cover labor and materials to build a sturdy wooden crate with pallet bottom full-assembled with screws. Large machines that require containerizing will have a 1% charge to cover labor and dunnage materials. We have access to all sizes of used containers priced at a reasonable price. Offshore or (foreign) shipments must be completely prepaid prior to leaving our dock. We offer freight forwarding free of charge with documentation and co-ordination of order. We also find the best, least expensive carrier to move your order.

Customer Service: We have in stock most replacement parts for current model machines. We also have on record dimensions for out-of-date machines so replication can be accomplished with only short duration. We cheerfully take care of your problem.

Warranty: All new equipment purchases come with a full one year warranty which covers defects in workmanship only. Warranties do not cover abuse, misuse or owner inflicted damage. All warranties shall not exceed the original purchase price of the equipment in question.

Reservations: We reserve the right to deny sales to whomever we choose. We reserve the right to change our products and upgrade for better performance without notice. We reserve the right to adjust or change prices of all our products without notice.

Liability: Trident Welding LLC, Dahlke Dredge MFG shall not be liable for injury or death by any user of our products. It shall be the operator’s responsibility to be trained and certified to maintain and operate in a safe manner any equipment purchased from us. Trident Welding LLC, Dahlke Dredge MFG strongly urges all operators to be trained and certified divers prior to using our suction dredge mining equipment.


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